About Us


has vast experience in packing and moving services since 1990. We has a fleet of vehicles from motorcycles to container trucks for your every need.

Our priority is to provide our customer with the most satisfactory services. We are supported by our experienced and well-trained human resources, therefore, every single shipment will be handled with care and will be delivered in time. We are continuously expanding our network to be present at key business locations and strategic places - all to provide the best service and to facilitate the movement of your goods.

Every shipment will be insured (Marine Risk Insurance/TLO/All Risk) to prevent the risk of accident during delivery process. We are here to provide the best solution for our customer before using our services. Should you require any information from us, please email us, our staff will be gladly to provide you the assistance.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to transport our customers' products safely, efficiently, and with due regard for all laws, rules and regulations to protect our crews, ships, equipment and the environment. We seek to be the preferred Jones Act owner and operator, providing quality transportation services and innovative solutions for our customers transportation needs, ensuring fulfilling careers for our employees, and creating long term value for our investors.

Competitive Rates, Superior Performance
One of our greatest strengths is providing air courier, packing and freight services, because we consolidate the shipments of many cuntomers, we can ofter secure very competitive rates. In very case, our clients (both large and small) enjoy the performance of the world's top carrier. Our customers can build upon basic freight service to create a virtual import or export team that delivers an invisible layer of transportation.

Flexible, Responsive and One-of-Kind
Fact of our clients has a unique package of service development solely for their business. By utilizing our "integrated logistic" system, you can combine our extensive logistic expertise with advanced information technology for a comprehensive management system that included a diverse array of consulting capabilities or if you like, we can provide specific services in just the areas ou require. We are comfortable working with your existing sources and will integrate smoothly.

Domestic Courier Services
Company-owned nationwide networking allows to guarantee the fastest deliveries to anywhere in Indonesia. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offers its customers shorter transit time and flexible collection. Dependability and continually proven capability has become the largest independent express company in Indonesia.

International Courier Services
Transport anything from small documents to large parcels to anywhere in the world with equal reliability and speed. also offer hand deliveries for your extremely sensitive goods to the final destination, ranging from standard overnight courier to special hand-carried service by our staff. A computer system has been developed to enable all-time tracking.

International Air & Sea Cargo Service
provides import and export solutions to be more than just a reliable provider of superior delivery services. With extensive global network of strategic partners abroad. resources and expertise make handling air and sea cargo shipping, inland transportation and effortly task. All official procedures and paperworks are prepared in advance to ensure trouble-free movements across the international borders.

Custom Clearance Service
All clearances are anticipated and secured ot eliminate devastating delays. Extensive practice and experience in custom clearance have made chosen by many government and non-government institutions to provide custom clearance and distribution services for their projects through out Indonesia.

Proof of Delivery
For every delivery to major cities in the country, will provide you a delivery report, should you need one.

Loss and Damage
Guarantee should we lose your parcel or document, you will receive a compensation. With Insurance Program, will guarantee your package safe from any damages or loss.

Our packing will protect your package from any damage and we also provide special packing.