Our Services


It is the quickest way of sending your shipments, being handled by a professional airfreight division team, with a strong network of contacts with the most important cargo airlines through the whole world, we provide the maximum flexibility and complete schedule of delivery options, meeting the time and prices for all the sensible demands.
Rates are charged per kilogram and are calculated by gross weight or volumetric weight. (What ever is greater).


Being the most economical way of transporting goods, there are two available services:
LCL - Less Than Container Load - what means that the goods are packed in specially designed wooden crates. The goods from Bali are trucked to Surabaya, unloaded and reloaded over there, unloaded and reloaded at Singapore and unloaded at the final destination.
Being handled for many times, we recommend to all our customers to take out an insurance against possible damages during the transportation, what will be charged at 2% out of the goods value, being 5% deductible of total sum insurance (TSI). This is all risks insurance Clause Cargo A.
We are ready to assist you, recommending QBE INSURANCE, as our best business partner.

Ethylene Oxide treatment will not be provided for LCL shipment, hence we recommend to send those goods in full container.

FCL - Full Container Load - is available in 20ft (30M3), 40ft (60M3), and 40ft High cube (70M 3). Shipments sent by FCL are loaded in Bali and unloaded at the final destination; hence there is a considerable less handling and moving of the goods.
FCL shipments are more cost efficient, than LCL, when sending anything more than 13 m3.

We offer both of them, as well as Project Forwarding and specialized services for small non containerized or oversized cargo. We will manage your shipment completely.


We can provide storage facilities, in dry, clean and save environment.
The warehouse is divided in bay areas of 20ft and 40ft, giving a more clear visual idea about the current volumes for filling in a container.
All the received goods are recorded onto a "client master packing list", what includes the package or box number, description, packer code and the storage bay area. This list will be used to cross check the container loading, ensuring that none of your goods are left behind or mixed with other clients.

As an extra service, we offer 3 months FREE STORAGE, for goods waiting to be shipped with our company.


We offer a complete and professional range of packing the goods.
Edges, corners and frames are packed first, and then the whole item is packed again, minimizing the damage risks during handling and transit. Glass products, mirrors and furniture with glass or mirrors, are reinforced with plywood before packing. All the wooden frames and crates are special designed, for minimizing the possible damages during the transportation and for an ergonomic way of loading the container.

Using our truck net as well as cotton blanket for protection, we collect the goods from all the suppliers, in safety loading and unloading conditions.

Our strong international contacts net, will assist and guaranty you, "door to door" service.

We offers a broad range of all risks insurance coverage for warehousing and storage, trucking, air and sea forwarding.

We offer complete customs brokerage. Our other value added services include pre-shipment inspection at point of origin, preparation and tracking of documentation, temporary import bonds and duty drawback management.